Mission Statement

The OPTImization, Modeling and Applications (OPTIMA) research group was established in 2010 by I.E. Lagaris, K.E. Parsopoulos, D.G. Papageorgiou and C. Voglis, as part of the Modeling & Intelligent High-Performance Computation Laboratory. OPTIMA constitutes a multidisciplinary team with special interest in all aspects of Computational Optimization and its applications in science and technology. It consists of scientists and engineers with different academic backgrounds, who share their common interest in modeling complex problems and developing high-performance software for their efficient solution.

The mission of OPTIMA is the production of high-quality research in Computational Optimization and relative fields. It aims at offering a cell for hosting innovative ideas and bringing together scientists and engineers that work in complementary research fields that involve the solution of hard optimization tasks. OPTIMA welcomes international collaborations and joint efforts towards the development of new Computational Optimization algorithms and techniques. Challenging optimization problems and real-world applications are also gladly accommodated.

Our main scientific interests encompass (but are not limited to) the following topics:

  • Intelligent Computational Optimization Algorithms & Modeling.

  • Operations Research & Industrial Optimization.

  • High-Performance Optimization Software.

  • Optimization Applications in Physical Sciences (e.g. molecular dynamics, high-energy physics).

  • Optimization Applications in Engineering (e.g. power systems, renewable resources).

  • Optimization Applications in Healthcare Informatics (e.g. intelligent systems for home medical monitoring).